MP3 Diags
This kind of program needs a lot of screen real estate, so I recommend the main window to be at least 1200x800. Probably it's best to just maximize the window (which is the default behavior.) If your screen has a smaller resolution, changing the fonts should help you cram more information into the little space you have.
I made the decision to use ID3V2.3.0 instead of the newer ID3V2.4.0 because the differences are rather small and I didn't like what I saw in some 2.4.0 files (invalid fields that some tools create and others expect to be invalid.)
Future plans
Crashes and serious bugs will be fixed in the stable branch and new releases will be made available that include the fixes. Minor bugs and new features will initially be part of the unstable branch, but after a while they will be ported to the stable branch.